Chemistry – Chapter 6 Quiz

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Periodic Trends Quiz

1. In general, where are the metals found on the periodic table? to the left of the metalloids’ stairs

2. Where are the nonmetals found? To the right of the stairs

3. Put the following set of information in a series from most stable to least stable:

4 No Special Arrangement

2 Full Sublevel

1 Full Outer level

3 Half-full sublevel

4. What did newlands discover and what did he name his law? Newlands discovered that chemical & physical properties of elements repeat every 8 elements; this is the law of octaves

5. What two factors determine and element’s chemical properties?Distance from the nucleus and the valence electrons

6. What is the periodic trend for atomic radii?Decrease across a row; Increase down a group

7. What is the periodic trend for ionization energy?Increase across a row; decrease down a group

8. What is the periodic trend for electronegativity?Increase across a row; Decrease down a group

9. What is the periodic trend for electron affinity?Increases across a row; Decreases down a group

10. Explain the changes in radii for the ionization of a metal and a nonmetal.A metal loses an electron, gets smaller when a nonmetla gains an electron/gets bigger


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